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Sonamy soul part 1

2008-11-23 21:21:10 by BrynnabinNG

Sonamy soul Part 1

Sonic's Therory: what will i do? Do i love her? Time is passing by,she loves me and i love her...I gotta tell Amy my loving rose! I'll go tell tails!

Amy:sigh......does he love me? A rose so beautiful,graceful as me sonic would love!

Sonic:runs past amy's window and ames so gloomy sonic needed to tell


2008-11-12 16:38:44 by BrynnabinNG

Woot!!! Back and mah B DAY'S IN 2 DAYS!!!!*claps and dances* and I'm doing a b day animation!

The depressing thing

2008-11-05 21:48:34 by BrynnabinNG

You kno what? I HAVE THE Best boy out there...Joe Morris I LOVE HIM!!!!days will go by
And i have to wait about 4 years to see him wished upon stars and waited. when he's 13 i'll be waiting CUZ HE'S NOT ALONE!!!!!KIDS Worldwide are in YouTube.....right now wating for there time to be a star THERE TIME IS NOW!!